What Is E-Mallindia

  • E-Mallindia means itself that “CHANGE YOUR WAY” and “GO DIGITAL“.
  • The word “e-Mall” stands for Best Shop for All Products and the word “INDIA” stands for the Represent to Our Country India.
  • So, it suggests us to change our way to digital.
  • We are one of the largest e-commercial websites that provide quality products at the lowest price.
  • It is the platform where the seller sells their products and customers buy it.
  • We provide pure business at E-Mallindia where sellers and buyers communicate through our website.
  • So, we are the medium by which the seller and customers can communicate.
    • E-Mallindia.in is powered by JMDeS PRIVATE LIMITED,
    • JMDeS PVT LTD is based from Mehsana, Gujarat, India Company.

Why E-Mallindia

  • According To A Survey The Number Of Online Shoppers In India Will Reach At 40 Million From 20 Million Since India Is One Of The Fastest Growing Country.
  • The E-MallindiaIs One Of The Fastest Growing Ecommerce Website Which Provides Best Quality Products And Services To Our Customers.
  • There Is No Limit For A Seller Or Buyer In Online Shopping.
  • It Is A Zero Investment Store For Seller Where Seller Don’t Have To Invest For Creating The Store At E-Mallindia.com.
  • It Is The Simple Way To Generate Extra Income For Seller Where Seller Don’t Have To Make many efforts To Sell Their Products.
  • The Fastest Way to Get Your Product from Online.
  • The Surety of Product.
  • Most Trustable Brand in India.
  • Get One Step Checkout And Throw All Irrelative Process Of Bill Payment And Checkout.
  • The Excellent Help Centre Ever.
  • Simple Way of Pay Money from SafexPay and other Payment Gateway.
  • Simple And Easy Process For Sellers And Easy To Understand For Sellers.
  • We will introduce some new features that are surely not available in current e-commercial shopping sites.
  • Our strategy will cover all over India where the services like local as well as private courier service availability is a big task.
  • After all the unique approaches, we are also providing the best quality products at affordable prices.
  • Our customer-centric policy will meet all the customer needs that will make our customers happy.
  • The user interface of our website is easy to use and we will improve it periodically as and when it is required.
  • We will provide the customer the 24*7 support so that customer will feel always attached to us.


Why Seller attract to us…?

  • We have a separate website for sellers “The seller’s town”.
  • We have made our policy flexible for our sellers, the seller doesn’t have to invest lots of money to a business with us.
  • Our business model is made that easy that sellers will always be on the safe side and they don’t have to spend a lot to open a store on our website.
  • Our user interface for sellers is very simple so that they don’t have to take any overhead on them.
  • We have made a different seller panel through which the seller will upload their products on our websites.
  • We are also providing seller support for sellers if they need any help from us.
  • Our policies for sellers are transparent and we have made the uploading cost lower for the seller so that seller will get maximum advantages.
  • We will provide the point-pick-up service to our sellers so that when the order is placed from the customer, the seller only has to pack the product and has to dispatch it through our courier service.
  • For sellers connecting with E-Mallindia will be like,

“Giving the pair of wings to their business”.

PROS: “Benefits”

  • No checkout queues.
  • Reduce prices.
  • You can shop anywhere in the world.
  • Easy access 24 hours a day.
  • Wide selection to cater to all consumers.

FUTURE OF E-Mallindia: 

  • E-Mallindia Is One Of The Fastest Growing Online Shopping In India.
  • Accordingly, We Set Some Targets And the Future Of E-Mallindia, And We Will Go Forward According To That.
  • So Next Is What Is Our Planning